This project is one that I taught on my first virtual Creative Playdate. I've recreated it here for you because it was so much fun to do!

At the recording of this class, the world is spending copious amounts of time at home due to Covid-19. All of the isolation from friends and family can be so stressful.

This Love and Kindness Zine is a wonderful way to spend creative time with those around you. You can then share what you have created with those you are unable to be in physical space with.

The supplies are simple, the project is easy and can be done by any age and artistic experience! Make it your own and just have a fun and playful time!

A tiny Love and Kindness Zine

Make one...make a dozen!

Hi, I’m Consie Sindet, a creative on a journey. I believe that we should always be learning, growing, trying, failing and embracing the process through it all. While I continue on my journey to try it all, I invite you to come along for the ride. Over my 13+ years of teaching creativity in many forms, I have been part teacher, guide and coach to my students.

In 2014, I discovered art journaling and mixed media, and a new world opened to me. I have found art journaling to be the most freeing way to express myself. After all, it’s really mostly paint, paper and glue. Nothing precious. Anything goes. Hate it? Turn the page.

My job is to show you by example through my online classes (and the occasional in-person class!) that you are creative. That you can find freedom, playfulness and joy by slapping down some paint, gluing magazine pages all over a piece of paper, adding some doodling and marks, finding a quote that screams…This is how I feel today!…and calling it good enough.

Every time I create a class, an art journal page or any of the myriad of mixed media projects that live inside my head, I learn something new about myself. I would love for you to join me on this journey. Let me be your teacher, guide and coach and show you how to use the creativity that lives inside all of us!